Art No: Suqaina -06
Welding Gloves


We believe that you will see many excellent welding gloves, but our original intention will make you feel at ease, innovative design, stable protection and solve the difficulties encountered by customers. We always hope that you can work with confidence and protect your hands and arms. This will be a good choice.

14-inch long sleeves protect your forearms and hands from hot sparks, hot coals or open flames.

Good fire-retardant stitching technology makes it have very good flame resistance and abrasion resistance. The stitched gloves on the five fingers, palm, wrist and back provide extremely high heat protection and excellent grip. . And can withstand extreme temperatures of 

The sewing of important parts is heat-resistant, durable, flexible and not too hard. These gloves are not suitable for long-term direct contact with hot grills or hot metal cookware. Wipe clean with a damp cloth and hang to dry. Do not machine wash or dry.

Gloves are not only used for welding, but also for  stove, oven, fireplace, cooking, flower repair, gardening, camping, campfire, stove. It is so versatile, it must be your favorite small daily necessities.