Art No: S-WG-0008
Welding Gloves


Material:Cow Split Leather and Insulated Cotton

Excellent insulation proof:Leather Animal Handling Gloves is made by Top Grain Leather and reinforce  Double Leather Finger Palms, provide an high temperature resistant function for your hands when using and//ovens

SUPERIOR SECURITY FOR FORERAMS - The 14 inches extra long glove with 7.5 inches long sleeve protect your Fingers and Forearm from Animal bite, Cat scratch, Parrot grabbing, Eagle  Snake bite etc.

THICK AND DURABLE - AOUCHI Leather Animal Handling Gloves are made from carefully-selected thick and soft shoulder split natural cowhide leather which is Puncture Resistant, Cut Resistant, Bite Resistant, Heat Resistant, Oil Resistant and Fire Resistant. This pair of heavy duty gloves will last for a long time.

 Animal Control Staff, ,Workers, Zoo Workers, Pet Shop Employees, Breeders/Handlers, Pet owners, Bird handlers, Reptile handlers.